The Power of Free Online Classified Ads

Thursday, October 24, 2013

With the emergence of technology and internet, the way we buy and sell products has completely changed. You no longer need to post expensive ads in newspapers to sell your products and services. Internet has simplified so many things for us, you can do almost anything on internet. People nowadays prefer to post free classified ads online to promote or sell their products; it is one of the easiest and the most inexpensive way to market among the masses. There is no need to go to an advertising agency and ask them to create an ad for you when you can do it on your own without any investment. It is very easy and quick to place free online classified ads and you can easily do it at the comfort of your home.

With the help of free online classified ads, it has become much easier to reach the target market in a short span of time. One of the most important benefits of classified ad is that they reach to your target market in no time and there is no investment involved. The process of advertising through online classifieds is very clean and simple. Here are some tips to post free classified ads online:

  • Post ad on weekends - You are very much likely to get a sale if you post ad on weekends because people have a lot of time to go through the ads and you will get more genuine buyers. 
  • Products and services you want to sell- You need to decide much in advance about products and services you would like to sell. Then you need to create an ad about them and put them under the right category.
  • Whenever you place an ad, it is must that you describe the product, it is essential to attract the visitor and let them know everything about the product in the best possible manner. 
  • It is also important to add pictures of your product and your contact details in the ad. This will increase the chances of conversion and increase the value of your ad.

Make the Best of Online Classified Ads

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In this tech savvy world, all of us are aware of the term “online classified ads”. This is one of the most common terms used in the advertising world. There are paid and free classified ads that are used to promote/ sell/ buy products and services. There are different sections where you can post your classified ad such as clothing, automobiles, appliances, jobs, homes, accessories and so on. You have to make sure that you post your ad under the right section to give it maximum exposure.

You can find plenty of websites where you can post free classified ads without any investment. All you need to do is register with the website and post your ad to reach potential users. Unlike traditional advertising methods, you can check the status of your ads whenever you want and keep yourself up-to-date. Since online classified ads doesn’t involve any investment, you don’t have to be worried about the time frame in which these have to be present because you can leave the ad online for as long as you want. However, you should keep a track of the responses because if you are not getting any response then you might want to make changes and post it again.

Another important benefit of free classified ads is that there is no limit on posting the number of ads, therefore you can post as many advertisements as you want. However while posting ads; you should keep few things in mind such as an attractive headline that can attract visitors instantly, informative description of the product/ service and your contact information where the potential customer will get in touch with you. Without these three things, your ad is incomplete and will reduce the chances of conversion. Other than this, here are some tips to create safe online classified ads

  • Do not put any information that isn’t necessary. You need to stick to the facts because your ad might get used for other purposes than you intended. 
  • If you post a photo, make sure it doesn’t include any numbers, family member, license plate number etc.
  • If the website doesn’t have heir own email service, then you should create a disposable email account that doesn’t show any of your personal information such as place, name, and age and so on. 

Post Free Advertisement To Sell Your Car

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking for selling your old ride online? Post free advertisement online and get the best deal! Yes, you can even sell your car online or any other vehicle for that matter. There are plenty of websites online where you can post free online classified ads. But, you need to be very careful while choosing the classified ad website. You should make sure it is a reliable website where you can get good results.
Other than that, from a buyer’s perspective there can be a lot of questions such as what’s the mileage. How old are the tires? How often the oil is changed and so on! So selling a car is clearly not as easy as it may sound. So, following are some of the few important things that you need to take care of when you post free advertisement online:
  • Year, make, model
  • Mileage / average gas mileage
  • Maintenance record
  • Accident history
  • Power features
  • Air-conditioning / heating features
  • Sunroof/ moon roof
  • Condition of the interiors/ exteriors
  • Music systems
  • Airbags
As a perspective buyer, these are some of the most significant things that one would want to know. These are all important things and knowing your vehicle inside out will entice readers to know about your deal. After the features, next important factor is to price your car. You don’t have to value your car on your emotional attachment with it, but according to the value to the buyer? Therefore, before you post free advertisement online, you should do some research online or check newspaper classifieds before you quote the price range.
Also if you are getting any mechanical updates done in your car, then do raise your price realistically. There are tons of free online classifieds ads available online; you really need to make sure the way you present your ad and the key features you add should stand out from the rest. Another important factor is to add images of your car. Most of the websites allow you to post three pictures, so make sure you post good pictures of your car.

Get Your Music Heard Through Online Advertisements

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Want to promote your music online? Need a drummer for your band? You can do it all through online advertisements and you no longer need to look anywhere else to promote your band. If you are one of those wanting your music to reach wider audience other than your family and friends, online advertisements prove to be the best way to go. Just like selling any other product or service online, you can even promote your music online, however you need to make sure that you do things right. If you have a local band or something and if you are looking for various ways to promote your music for free, local classified ads can be of great help. Here’s what you can do to promote your music:

  • First thing, you need to do is to set up an account on a music classified website. You should ensure that you enlist some of the best websites to start from. It takes couples of minutes to sign up and there you are! 
  • Signing up on local classified ads will help you to connect with bands not only in your local area, but also internationally. 
  • When you create online advertisements for your band, make sure you post a picture as well. An image can make a lot of difference. Make sure it’s not just any picture, but a uniform picture that fits with your music. If it’s a well known recognized band, you can even get a professional photo shoot done for your band. 
  • Build your profile. You should mention some information about your band – it doesn’t have to be a story. It should be concise, short and interesting. However, some key elements should be there, such as- no. of people in the band and their profile within the band. 
  • You can not only promote your music, but you can also post online advertisements where you are looking for people for your band. For instance –looking for a guitarist, drummer, writer, pianist and so on.

Other than the above mentioned points, it is always preferred to leave a link where people can listen to your music online and respond accordingly. This will get you more relevant results! So start posting local classified ads today and promote your music!

Sell Your Products Through Free Online Classified Ads

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The benefits of free online classified ads are overlooked by a lot of internet marketers because many people don’t realize the value they can get from these ads. In order to master the art of posting classified ads, you need to analyze them properly and understand various factors that will help you get better results. Last winter I sold off my bike through classified ads and I realized there is a lot to learn before you post your ad. There are a lot of things I came across and I will share some of the most important ones here: 


  • The first and the most important thing is to work on the headline to get effective results. When I was writing an ad for my bike, I did some research online and realized there were hundreds of ads that were there already. So you need something really unique to grab the attention. 
  • Secondly, you should know the right category where you need to post your ad. I saw a lot of bloopers online where people had posted ads under the wrong sections. It is really important to post them under the right sections if you want to reach the right audience. 
  • The success of your ad depends upon how your ad is being presented. Therefore, formatting of your advertisement is very important. You should make sure that your free online classified ads are formatted correctly and should stick to the guidelines of the classified website. A well presented ad will increase your chances of a sale.

You should pay attention to all the small details when you write an ad. Except the above mentioned points, it is always good to add an image of your product/service and use crisp and strong words. Also, ensure that you mention your contact details where interested people can contact you and the details/price of your services. So next time when you have to sell something, consider using online classified ads as they reach more people than any other mode and they are easy to use.

Sell Furniture Through Local Classified Ads

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Until recently, a lot of people only knew about local classified ads in newspapers or magazines, but the internet has definitely changed everyone’s perception of advertising. Unlike newspapers, where there was a lot of investment required to post ads, now you can post free ads online. You can post advertisements about anything and everything and since they are so popular, I decided to try them as well when we moved someplace else last summer. 

Last summer, my parents and I moved to Illinois from California and since we were moving into a fully furnished house – there was a lot of furniture that we wanted to sell. We decided to post free ads for furniture we wanted to sell and even if it was our first time- it went pretty well for us and we got a good deal for our stuff. I read a few tips before posting local classified ads that I am going to share here:
  1. Write a good title: 

    Title should entice readers to buy your product or service. In our case, writing – ‘furniture for sale’ would have been really boring. So we decided to add the kind of furniture we wanted to sell. You have to make it interesting and apt. 
  2. Description: 

     It should be to the point and make sure you mention everything a reader might want to know, such as –details for your product/service, price and your contact details. 
  3. Post a photo: 

    A picture can make a huge impact in your ad. Post an attractive picture whenever you can, it increases the chances of a sale. 
  4. Hidden costs: 
    For instance, we were selling a sofa set for $20,000. Now a buyer won’t like it if he has to pay some extra money just because he is not a US citizen. So make sure you mention breakdown of the cost whenever possible.
These were a few tips that I think are really important to write local classified ads and of course, you have to be concise. Do not try to make stories when you post free ads. Keep them short, crisp and interesting. It should be attractive and encourage readers to go through all of it.

Tips to Post Free Online Classified Ads

Friday, September 6, 2013

There was a time when I was paying a lot of money to the newspapers to publish my ads for products that I wanted to sell. This was back then when the newspaper was the only source of buy/ selling products or for making any sort of announcements. But now, we have a whole new world of internet where it is possible to do almost everything and posting classifieds is no exception. Free online classifiedads are a great platform for marketing new businesses or making announcements for your products and services. No matter what you want to sell, this is certainly the easiest and the fastest promotional tool for any kind of products and services. However, there are a few tips that I would like to share that are important to get most of the classified ads. And here they are –

  • I’m pretty sure you want people to check your advertisement in the first go. Don’t you? Well that is most likely to happen in cases where you come up with attractive headlines and title for your ad. Attractive title is a must!!

  • Trust me no one will give a second thought to your ad if it doesn’t look attractive or look like just the rest! It has to be something different. Design plays a very important role in successful ad. So spend time on presentation.

  • While writing information about your product or service for a classified ad, make sure it is to the point. Clear, crisp and short copy – that’s how it is supposed to be! Don’t overkill the description. 
  • The last and the most important part are to place it under the right category. I wonder how people can go wrong with this! All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t put it in the right section.

So that’s pretty much about it I guess! There are a lot of factors that one should take care of, but these are the most important parts of free online classified ads.